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It's a pain (!) but we sometimes need a doctor or chemist when we're on holiday. DON'T forget your travel insurance and your European Health Insurance Card (EHIC, which replaces your old E111); this will help you to reclaim at least some of the cost of treatment in France.

OK, how about a translation of some basic French health words?

Printer friendly basic French Health words

I need... j' ai besoin de... zhay bezwan de...
chemist pharmacie farm-asee
doctor médecin maid-san
hospital hôpital oh-peetal
I need something for... j'ai besoin de quelque chose contre... zhay bezwan de kel-keshose kontr...
headache mal à la tête mal a la tet
cold rhume room
flu grippe greep
cough toux too
hayfever rhyme des foins room day fwan
diarrhoea diarrhé dee-aray
constipation constipation kon-stee-passion
I have a pain in... j' ai mal à... zhay mal a...
I have injured my... je me suis blessé à... zhe me swee blessay a...

TIP - To call for help in an emergency, use the European Union-wide number 112 (equivalent of dialling 999 in the UK).

Another TIP - You'll recognise a pharmacy in France by the green cross outside!

Yet another TIP - Make sure you have travel insurance and don't forget your European Health Insurance Card (replacement for your old E111).


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