Basic French phrase guide

You’ll see a lot of me and the other Snappy guys and gals on this site – travelling around France, eating, drinking and generally having a good time!

Snappy French is here to help you if you are a UK resident who travels to France and wants to learn some quick and easy French phrases – basic French for travellers I suppose – in a usable format without the boring stuff like grammar.

Why is it that the Brits are so bad at learning another language? Wouldn’t it be great to get off your flight and be able to ask for a taxi, a cup of coffee, directions, whatever, in French?

So what does Snappy French do that is so different?

Think of your trip as a timeline from the moment you arrive at the moment you leave. At every stage, there are certain basic words and phrases which would be great to learn and have at hand. The menu above shows you your timeline.

On each page, you’ll see a printer friendly button so you can keep the essentials close to hand during your trip to France!

We can’t promise to have thought of everything – we’ll keep adding more as the inspiration hits us (which it does every so often!). We also need your suggestions too! You may not be able to speak French fluently, but for now, all you need to learn are the quick and easy basic French phrases to get you started.

Go on, be Snappy!