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Getting around is something you’ll want to do when you’re in France – whether it’s on the bus, by train or even by foot. The following are French phrases for beginners which will be a great help.

Easy French printer friendly phrases

where is…? où est…? oo ay…?
tourist information centre syndicat d’initiatives sandika diniss-iat-eev
how do I get to…? je veux aller à… zhe ver allay a…
bus stop arrêt bus array boos
railway station gare gar
one/two (tickets) to… un/deux à… ern/der a…
one way ticket aller simple allay sampl
return ticket aller retour allay retor


excuse me excusez-moi ex-kyoozay-mwa
how do I get to…?
je voudrais aller à…
zhe voodray allay a…
where is the metro station/bus stop? où est la station métro/arrêt bus? oo ay la stassion metroh/array boos?
which bus/metro line to…? quel ligne bus/ligne métro à…? kel leenye bus/leenye maytroh a…?
one/two (tickets) to… un/deux à… ern/derr a…
where is the taxi rank? o`u est la station de taxis? oo ay la stassion de taxee?
(in taxi) to X please à X s’il vous plaît a X seel voo play

TIP – remember, when you travel on French trains and buses, you must validate (composter) your ticket after you’ve bought it. There are machines which do this on train platforms and on buses – just pop your ticket in the machine to get it stamped. (Check out the photo above left to see a ticket validation in action!)

Another TIP – the French TGV trains (‘train à grande vitesse’, meaning ‘train of great speed’) are fab for getting from A to B.